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Large Power Service

Available to all consumers within CDEC's service area, requiring 50kVA and over of transformer capacity for all types of usage.
Character of Service:  Alternating current, single- or three-phase, 60 Hertz, at available primary or secondary voltages.


Rate Per Billing Period

  •  $60.00 per billing period, per service (System Charge)
  •  All kWh per billing period @ $0.05/kWh


  •  All kW @ $17.75/kW/billing period (Demand Charge), if CDEC owns the substation;


  •  All kW @ $17.50/kW/billing period (Demand Charge), if the consumer owns the substation.


Minimum Billing Period Charges
The minimum charges, per billing period, shall be the highest of the following: 

  • Minimum charges established in accordance with Line Extension Policy.
  •  $2.00/kVA of installed transformer capacity

  •  Minimum charges established by special contract between the consumer and the utility. 

Payment of the minimum charges shall entitle the consumer to system, Demand and Energy Charge allowances only during the billing period applicable, unless otherwise specified by contract.


The "System Charge" covers cost of providing electric service, including operation and maintenance of facilities, consumer accounting expenses and other administrative costs. The total System Charge, plus Demand Charge, plus Energy Charges per billing period shall be the total charges, per billing period, exclusive of taxes and fuel and Purchased Power Cost Adjustment Charge.

Purchased Power Cost Adjustment (PPCA) - The utility shall, if the purchased power expense is increased or decreased above or below the base purchased power cost of $0.08057/kWh sold, flow through to the users such increases or decreases, effective February 2016, as approved by the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission Rule No. 550. Click here to view the approved rate filing.


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